The battles began!

The 3rd round of the 39th Chess Olympiad brought serious problems for some of the favorites. Despite the difference in ratings, some of the less distinguished teams managed to give their opponents a decent fight.
In the main event the second seed Ukrainian team was unable to beat Croatia (28), and Poland (15) drew with Bosnia and Herzegovina (32). Strong teams from Israel (11) and France (10) were paired with each other and drew their match, too. Read more »

Olympiad Bulletin

After the results of each round the Press Center publishes a large edition of every day Bulletins to be further distributed among the participants and officials of the Olympiad.
Here are Bulletins 1 and 2 of the 39th World Chess Olympiad. Read more.


Russia 3 Team from Ugra does not have ambitious plans, but hopes to play as good as possible.

– How was the start in the tournament for your team?
Alexander Khalifman, the captain of "Ugra": In the first round we played against Andorra, the country that is more popular for its football adventures.
Despite the fact that the opponent was not that strong the game appeared to be uneasy, at some point, everything was quite unclear. Finally we won, and I think we can be optimistic about the future. Read more »

Photo Report on the 3rd day of the Olympiad

Photo Gallery of the third day of the Olympiad. Read more »

Carlsen? Topalov? Maybe, Kramnik?

Grandmaster Yana Melnikova discusses the tournament of the first boards.

The Olympiad is a team event, of course, but individual results are always interesting. For many years it was impossible to predict the winner of the first board competition, because it took into account the best percentage score, so a relative unknown player who defeated other unknowns had a good shot at the prize. Read more »

Comments by Sergey Zagrebelny. Round 2

ZagrebelnyThe report of the most brilliant games of the second round is proposed to the attention of the readers by GM Sergey Zagrebelny Read more »

Video-report of the Day

 Daily video-reports on the flow of the Olympiad from its venue in Khanty-Mansiysk are provided by our correspondent GM Elmira Mirzoeva. Here is her next story on the second day of the event. Read more »

The second day brings first sensations

The second round of the 39th Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk brought first upsets. The European champions from Azerbaijan lost their match to Vietnam – 1,5-2,5. Young players from Vietnam have demonstrated some excellent results recently, so their success is not a coincidence. Also Israel made an unexpected draw with Indonesia. Other matches ended logically, in the favor of stronger teams.
 In the women tournament main favorites keep winning their matches without much trouble. Only both Russian teams experienced certain difficulties, defeating their opponents with the minimal margin 2,5-1,5 – Russia-1 won against Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Russia-2 defeated Turkey.
 Natalya Komarova, the Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, is one of the most attentive followers of the event – today she visited the playing venue again.
“On one hand, I must control the services for the players and guests of the Olympiad – it is my duty, – said the Governor. – On the other hand, as a supporter, I want to wish luck to the Russian teams”.

Photo Report on the 2nd day of the Olympiad

Photo Gallery of the second day of the Olympiad.

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WangHaoThe Chinese men’s team is not considered among the undisputed favorites, but nobody doubts that it will perform decently and is going to compete for the medals. China started well by defeating Kyrgyzstan 3,5­0,5. We discussed the team’s plans for this Olympiad with their captain Li Wengliang and the second board player Wang Hao, currently one of the world’s 30 strongest players.
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The coach of the Georgian team David Arutiunian and the Olympiad rookie Salome Melia shared their impressions about the first playing day and told about their plans for the competition. We remind you that Georgians are the reigning champions, following their win in Dresden.

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The first visitors of the exhibition named “In the unity of the family is the unity of the world” will be guests and participants of the 39th World Chess Olympiad.

 An international sculpture exhibition and a photo gallery “In the unity of the family is the unity of the world” opened its doors today in Khanty - Mansiysk. Masterpieces of artists from 50 countries of the world are represented there.  
The artists from different countries speak one common language – the language of peace. They stand for one idea: family is a unity, the most important in life that is capable to render all people happy.
The organizers of the exhibition, the creative-industrial association “Ekaterinbourgh artists foundation” hope that this project will unite the world and make people reconsider their values and give a thought to the fact that conflicts are not relevant and necessary.
The motto of the World Chess Federation is Gens Una Sumus - “We are one family”. Read more »

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